What Do You Want Now VS. What Do You Want MOST

I have had this quote on the white pad on the front of my fridge now for the past couple of months. It’s a constant reminder to me to continue to preserver through my addictive urges with the faith that it will lead to what I truly desire. In other words, it is helping me to live in congruence with my beliefs and values.

Why is this important? Well, seeing as it’s a trial I can’t say for sure that it is. But, in assumption: when I live a life that aligns with my set of values and beliefs I feel good. I feel more in control, more balanced, more joyful, more prideful, more confident and more on the right track.

Can you think of a time where you felt you were on track? I can, and then I can also pinpoint when I fell off. I’ve fallen off a lot and each time I find my way back I have decided it is for the same reason: Congruence. And guess what? Each time I have fallen off it has been for the same reason: Incongruence.

I’d love to use the previous record in my mind with the loads of excuses for each time I walked off my path: a breakup, a disagreement, a rude comment, a rejection, a sickness, an injury, a financial setback… they are all valid reasons for why I could have walked away from myself. However, if I am honest with myself and ask why those things caused me to disrupt my sense of balance it comes down to making decisions that did not align with my value system.

This world is one crazy game, and you get to decide what you want to try to get out of it, out of this life. Who you want to be. How you want to be. What you expect out of your relationships, and most especially your relationship with yourself. If you expect to attract something into your life that aligns with a set of values you do not live by, I believe it cannot coincide. You must first do the work to live by that value system.

Each day is a clean slate. 365 of them a year! Each Sunday is a fresh week. 52 of them a year. Every 1st of a clear month. 12 of them a year. It can’t be a mistake that our calendar system is set up this way? Progress can be measured and reassessed on all three of these platforms. Be gentle with yourself, but also…use them.

What do you want most? What type of behaviours, decisions, habits, relationships and addictions do you hold that exhibit a value system that doesn’t align with your true desires? Do you want to attract a loyal mate, but continue to gossip about your friends behind there backs? Do you want to attract new opportunities but spend all of your time filled with scheduled commitments? Do you trust that the universe will bring you what you desire if you are willing to change first, even if that means letting go of the people and things and ideologies that are no longer serving you?

Who are you? Is it who you want to be? If not, why not? What value system are you living by and how closely aligned is it with your desired value system. I believe living by your desired value system right where you are is the best way to create the life you desire. Your energy will change when you are ‘on track’ to an open channel that trusts in yourself, and the universe will support that. Are you standing in the way of what you want most by settling with what will do for now? Now has a hard time changing without intention.

Figuring out what your values are, and keeping stock of what do you or don’t do that will keep you in line with that is no small feet! Maybe you value something that you have always struggled to live by. That doesn’t mean you will always struggle. But if you don’t know, if you aren’t honest with yourself, if you don’t try to make changes…you never will. You will always have what you want now, and always long for what you want most.

At least that’s my theory.

What do I want most? Balance. Within me. Every day. So that I can bring my best self to every experience and interaction.

What does that mean? I’m still figuring that out. It’s a practice. I can say for sure that the more decisions I make that are in congruence with my value system the less shaky my train is as each day passes on the track. The more confident I am that I can stay on the track even when the heavy life stuff comes up. The more joy I feel through my body. The more beauty I notice in the world around me. The more beauty I notice in myself. I am creating what I want MOST each time a make a choice that aligns with my value system. I wish the same for you.

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